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TUBEST plans, manufactures and trades metallic flexible liners mainly in stainless steel, to answer to many industries needs and this …. since 1925: flexible liners, pipe-fittings and from September 1st 2004, the enlargement of the products range with single wall and twin wall chimneys, but equally a range of products specific for the building trade.

The integration of TUBEST from 2004 in a european industrial group allows to benefit of technical and industrial synergies that are necessary to ensure an appeal development of our commercial offer on the world market.

The ambition of TUBEST is to offer to its customers the best possible level of performance, to answer to their own growing needs concerning the definition of the products needed, their production at the best price and delivery conditions and an effective commercial and logistic support. These objectives globally translate through a quality assurance policy that lead TUBEST obtaining ISO 9001 from Afaq for the totality of its activity. The objectives translate themselves also in the detail of the industrial and commercial policies that suit to each products.